Manage and make teams grow means be able to provide everyone with the best condition to work efficiently,  recruit the right people and choose the adequate technology for the objective. 

Through the adoption of best practices, processes and the pursuit of a shared and common mindset, efficiency can be improved and objectives reached.

Build a great team, remote, on-site or a combination of two,  is not easy and can require time but, once achieved, the sky is the limit.  


Managing a product or service requires to have the big picture but, when necessary, be able to drill down to the tiniest level too. After all, the devil is in the details.

Build what really matters is the key to success, a continuous process of validated learning, always driven by priority. ​

Call it a Product Owner or a Product Manager, different approaches and techniques can be used but with the common goal to make things work. 


Managing a project is an art of balance between what you know, what you assume to know and what is really happening.

Deal efficiently with stakeholders, dev teams and suppliers allows to manage efficiently and be ready to act when necessary.



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