These are exciting times.

The conjunction of cloud technologies, big data, artificial intelligence, advanced development frameworks, dev-ops practices allows doing things that were simply unbelievable ten years ago (I know, I was there) and faster than ever.

But complexity increased too and having always the big picture is paramount to pursue any business objective.

Twenty years of experience gave me detailed knowledge of processes and technologies, how to deal with people and tools but especially how to address the constant changes of this fast-moving world...

...and still learning, every day. 

So, if you have a business opportunity involving software, data or a specific IT problem, drop me a line

maybe I can help you...



Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


A product to imagine?

Valuable information to extract from data?

People to coach to work in a more focused way?

My experience, knowledge and failures too can help to address a specific issue and find the right path to follow.


Manage in tech word means dealing with constraints (people hard and soft skill-sets, budget, time, quality, external events, ...) and variables (architectures, management frameworks, development technologies, tools, ...), adapting to an always changing environment.

The goal is to find the most valuable balance, as there is not a one-for-all fit solution, but sets of opportunities for a specific context.


You can write feasibility plans and make assumptions but, in IT world, only when you start to get your hands dirty you can prove them to be right or wrong.

Fast prototyping can be a valuable asset and today's cloud solutions, specific technologies and frameworks allow to build POCs and MVPs to validate fast, or not, the technical feasibility of an idea.



I’m a tech manager, specialized in project and team management using Agile approach, with methods that can be different but always following the underlying principles.

I’m a certified Machine Learning enthusiast and adopter, firmly believing these technologies will be totally life changing.

I like to interact with dev teams because sharing things, even deeply technical, is paramount to make better decisions.

I’m a huge supporter of DevOps themes and technologies, allowing them to focus on the important stuff, lessen risks and enable incremental approach (release early, release often).

I’ve always been interested in the synergy between business and tech, as their alchemy is what really matters.

But, above all, I’m a pro, eager to study and adopt advanced tech in these exciting times, when machines can learn, objects interact with each other and decentralized ecosystems are becoming a new paradigm.

Below, one of the things I like more: share knowledge (hopefully) :)


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